Silk Care Instructions

Giving your silk pillowcase a little TLC is the best way to ensure you'll reap its full benefits over the long haul. We always recommend hand washing as it's the safest method, but given the high quality of our silk fabric you can also machine wash if you stick to our instructions.


NEVER wash silk in hot water. We recommend setting your machine to a cold setting, anything under 30°C (86°F) is safe.

NEVER use any type of bleach products or fabric softener. It's mission critical to ensure you use a ph neutral liquid detergent. If you're unsure about your detergent's pH level, you can also look for silk-specific detergents.

It's always best to air dry your pillowcase. We recommend putting it on a non-slip hanger, it should dry in under an hour. If you'd like to machine dry then always use a no-heat setting and never use dryer sheets.


The best way to extend the life of your pillowcase is to hand wash. Use cold water and a minimal amount of ph neutral liquid detergent. Place the pillowcase on a non-slip hanger and air dry.


After washing your pillowcase you'll notice it wrinkles. Don't freak! This is normal and a sign that your silk is high quality. The wrinkles will naturally release and straighten after a few uses, but if you prefer to iron them out before then we recommend only using the silk setting on your iron.